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Currently, on the market, there are many industries that need to use chains to transport goods, most of which is the transport industry such as: tractors, trolleys, trucks, … often use rope. increase the check chain to prevent transporting goods from being carried away. In order to fully meet the needs as well as serve the best for customers, KIM KHANH PHAT VIET NAM MANUFACTURING AND TRADING RATCHET TIE DOWN STRAPS COMPANT LIMITED has launched the incentive program “COLLECT INNOVATION” With a variety of types, unlimited quantity, materials of arbitrary length, the most reasonable price in the market.

So if you are in need of a cargo or some equipment to ensure the cargo reaches its destination in a solid shape that requires an out-of-the-box throttle or chain and you want to replace it. New, do not throw it away but please contact us on Hotline: 0938.796.661 today for the best consultation support and the opportunity to receive the best deals using brand new products. our company provides offline.

Chain tensioners have outstanding features:

– The wire is designed to be lightweight, easy to handle, easy to use, less load time, saving costs.

– Made from light polyester fabric for better visibility

– With 10,000lb break strength and 3,333lb work capacity, this ratchet strap can tie heavy objects

– Can be adjusted to have different sizes

– They have a J-hook that is great for attaching to D-rings, shaft straps and trailers.

– They have weatherproof membranes to withstand extreme heat and humidity.

– Multi-purpose use and easy to use.

– The tensioner straps have a trimmer locker that allows you to tighten the strap easily. The chain tensioner is resistant to ultraviolet rays and low water absorption for better resistance to mold and rot, and is highly resistant to abrasion.

What are the advantages of our company side chain tensioner?

  • High reliability

Sturdy fabric straps are made of industrial material. This makes it durable, scratch-resistant, water and dust resistant, and also allows them to keep their compactness. If you secure your trimmer properly on a cargo, this will ensure that it doesn’t wobble, bounce around or slip around. In particular, the weatherproof nature of the tensioner allows it to withstand snow, prolonged heat exposure and rain. Therefore, it has very high reliability and can be used for a long time.

  • Diverse, flexible

Chain spikes come in a variety of styles, each designed for a specific task. Depending on your transportation or storage needs, you can choose from a variety of types including J hook, flat hook, extension and flat padlock. There are many options you can choose from.

  • Shipping is definitely risk-free

Transporting goods in rocky terrain can be risky, especially if they are delicate and possibly damaged. By securing it with some shock absorbers will help prevent this and ensure that it reaches your destination in peak shape. This helps it retain its value.

  • Convenient, easy to use

In addition to being durable and reliable, the tensioners are also easy to use. In addition to cargo fastening, the tensioner is also designed to reinforce the grip to hold your cargo safely. They use a ratchet to tighten the straps making it easy to tie and disassemble work.

The unit specializes in distributing & collecting old and renovating the prestige load straps – Best price

KIM KHANH PHAT VIET NAM MANUFACTURING AND TRADING RATCHET TIE DOWN STRAPS COMPANT LIMITED is a reputable manufacturer specializing in manufacturing Vietnam’s No. 1 chain with many years of experience in transporting goods. We are confident to bring the best quality products to users, ensuring the safest transportation of your business.

If you have a need to use an old cord or an old one and want to exchange a new one, contact us on HOTLINE: 0938.796.661 or via the company’s Website: to receive Get advice & many best incentive policies offline!