Parameters about the sale of tightening strings should be known

Chain tensioners are used to popularize in many areas of life, especially convenient for cargo transportation, industrial production. The quality straddle straps are a progressive innovation that makes the handling of goods more flexible, convenient and efficient. Depending on the requirements of the different fields, the selection of a row sprocket also needs its own specifications. Users need to pay attention to choose the type of product that suits their requirements.

Parameters to know when choosing to sell goods with check chains

Ligaments with tensioners are used to tie goods fixed, not to be shaken in the process of transporting goods. Used for many trucks, containers with large loads … or even small weight transports such as tricycles, moving house furniture.

Chain tensioners are designed to meet the increasing needs of the buyer. When choosing to buy check chains, users should pay attention to the following parameters:

This makes up the chain tensioner – there are usually two main components: the fabric cable and the checker lock, but with some types a stainless steel checker chain is included.

Belt width (polyester material – synthetic fiber). Fabric cable width is usually 25 – 35 – 50 mm.

· Length of load cable belts, depending on the needs of cable to load large cargo weight, size of goods … Length is usually chosen from 2 m or more.

· Pay attention to the safety factor of a row tensioner sale.

What is the tensioner load? (1 ton, 2 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons …)

Expansion coefficient, belt load capacity, belt thermal deformation and check chain lock …

Advantages when used to increase tightens ligaments

Buying ligaments is used to broaden and replace many traditional products because it offers some use value to outperform the lacing process.

For sale here, there is a chain with tensioners that can flexibly change the length of the belt, used to make goods with different sizes.

· The cargo conveyor belt is fabric, soft, moderate force impact on the surface of the goods without causing mechanical impact to damage the furniture.

· High coefficient of friction, anti-slip performance to help goods more stable.

· High constant service life, work in some outdoor outdoor frequency.

· Strings rope rack can control tightening force without losing strength when tying goods.

A clear understanding of the structure and specifications of flat ligaments will help users choose the right quality ligament products, used for performance. Where to sell cargo tighteners imported from abroad with strict inspection of high quality will ensure efficient use and transport of goods. Consumers should consider and request advice from some goods suppliers to buy and use them in the right category.